Warren County, North Carolina 1850 Census Images

This is a work in progress so please forgive my dust.   While I will do the best I can,  there will no doubt be differences of opinion about our transcription.  Please let us know where we have made obvious mistakes and they will be corrected. . I have already determined that it is better to do the images on a full page and not inside the frames so you will have to use your back button on your browser to return to the main frames version of the website.    Please e-mail me with corrections and suggestions about how we can make the census pages easier to navigate. Until we get the index complete, you can use the  image map to browse pages directly.  Enjoy!

Abbott - Curtis
Dais- Fuller
Gains - Hyman
Mabry - Owens
Palmer - Ryan
Sainting - Vines
Waddell - Zinnell
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