1920 Census Abstracts - Ohio


We received these records  from Nancy who has previously abstracted  the West Virginia census records. She says that her  search of the 1910 census records for Ohio did not show any Pegram families.  Nancy is descended from Martin J. Pegram, son of George Pegram and Willie (Wilcia) Harrison of Guilford Co., NC.  She is searching for others related to our West Virginia cousins on this line.  If you have a West Virginia connection, email Nancy - I am sure she would love to hear from you.  Thanks again Nancy from all your Pegram cousins.
26th St., Summit Co. Akron, Ohio
Pegrim Robert E (H) 30 born Tennessee
Goldie V. (W) 29 born Tennessee
3rd.& East Jay St. Franklin Co., Columbus, Ohio  (Hotel Virginia, Lodger)
Pegram Walter M. (H) 46 born England
369-1/2 Nebraska Ave., Lucas Co. Toledo, Ohio
Pegram William  (H) 35 born West Virginia
Leona (W) 27  Ohio
Alberta (D) 04-6mo. Ohio 
Allen Mannie (R) 30 West Virginia
Franklin  Co. Columbus, Ohio
Pegram Andrew C.   (H) 38 born Virginia
Sally (W) 44 Ohio
Maude (SD) 25 Ohio
Andrey (Niece) 10 Ohio
Baped Bun Road, Hamilton Co. Cincinnati, Ohio
Pegram Ben O. (H) 33 born North Carolina 
Ella (W) 22 North Carolina
Mabel (D) 04-7/12 Ohio 
Margie (D) 02-8/12 Ohio
661 Northland Ave. Cuyahoga Co. Lakewood, Ohio
Pegram Lawrence M (H) 33 born Missouri
Edna B (W)  27 Pennsylvania  
Emma D. (D) 06 Pennsylvania  
Bauer Katherine L (ML) 60 Pennsylvania  
Bauer William A. (BL) 26 Pennsylvania