Descendants of Robert LANCASTER Sr

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Descendants of Robert LANCASTER Sr
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We are thrilled to have this family file for the Lancaster / Pegram descendants.  There are 2 distinct Lancaster connections for the Pegram family: (1) George Pegram, Jr. of Warren Co., NC married Clarissa Lancaster, daughter of Moses Lancaster; and (2) Zachariah Pegram, son of Daniel Pegram of Warren Co., NC married Cynthia Lancaster, daughter of  Willie Lancaster.

This file was sent to us by Forrest who has Lancaster & Pegram ancestors.   Forrest has done extensive documentation for this file, as good as I have ever seen,  but due to software limitations, the sources simply did not compile into the database the way they should.  We will try to revise the database to include the sources and notes manually as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we wanted to make the file available to assist others in their research.  If you have Lancaster descendants, please    envelope.gif (200 bytes) FORREST a BIG   THANKS for his fine work and forgive me for rushing to make the data available without proper documentation.  I will get it done.

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