Descendants of Sylvester Ott

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This work is dedicated to Joyce Brown who asked me for a copy of Isaac Ott's genealogy.

My thanks are given to all of the Sylvester Ott family reseachers out there who have made my work easier.  I also give thanks to the reseachers on the allied lines for their work.

This is information I have gathered through the years on Sylvester Ott and our family  from books, films and the internet. It is an American text covering the family here in the United States,

There's a book "March of the Sages" by Bonnie Sage Bell that covers that branch of  the family. My reseach has been concentrated on Frederick Ott, Sr.

Keep in mind that it is a work in progress and that you should check the information for yourselves.

I am open to changes from any family member.



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