Our West Virginia Cousins

This collection was sent by Nancy Burton, a descendant of Martin J. Pegram, son of George Pegram and Wilcia (Willie) Harrison Pegram who moved to West Virginia.  

Nancy is not certain who is shown in the picture to the right but it is thought to be a daughter of Martin J. Pegram with her family.  We hope that someone will recognize the photo and let us know who it is.

Nancy has also abstracted the West Virginia census records and continues to work on sorting out our West Virginia cousins and would love to hear from you if you are related to this line.

Thanks Nancy for sharing this great collection!

This is Andrew C. Pegram, b. 1882, a son of Martin J. Pegram and Lucinda Fisher.  It was done as a postcard which he sent to his mother, Lucinda.  Nancy says she can not read the date and we are hoping that someone with a talent for dating photos can give us an approximate date.

Huey Pegram
son of 

Martin J. Pegram and Lucinda Fisher.

Martin J. Pegram
and wife, 
Lucinda Fisher Pegram

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