Re: Estate of John Pegram, Jr.
Son of John Pegram, Sr. of Guilford Co., North Carolina


This is from abstract of Supreme Court Records - Cause No. 5915 from original papers at N.C. State Archieves. Styled BAKER PEGRAM vs. JESSE F. PEGRAM, et al.
Abstract: Orator BAKER PEGRAM states that in 1845 his brother, JOHN, borrowed for said BAKER from SAMUEL DWIGGINS - $150. Said BAKER now owes the Estate of his brother, JOHN for the stated amount plus interest. Said brother JOHN died in July 1848 in Guilford Co. and left heirs: JOHN F. PEGRAM, REBECCA J. PEGRAM, THOMAS C. PEGRAM, JESSE F. PEGRAM and MARY ANN PEGRAM (who married CHARLES N. BARHAM & died since her father, leaving infant, JOHN F. BARHAM). However, JESSE F. PEGRAM and CHARLES N. BARHAM have refused to receive the money plus interest to pay off the loan. The defendants say that the loan used a tract of land as collateral and that the loan was not paid up on time, and therefore the land has now has changed hands and there is no money due. Following the arguments several people made depositions with regard to the presumed agreement between said BAKER PEGRAM and his brother, JOHN. In very brief summation here is family information gathered from despositions:

JOHN B. PEGRAM states he was born July 1831.
JAMES H. PEGRAM states he is a son of BAKER and 20 years of age.
DEMPSEY McKENNEY states that he married a PEGRAM related to both parties.   
JESSE PEGRAM states he is BAKER PEGRAM's brother and brother to father of Def.
DANIEL PEGRAM states he is a brother to both parties.   
JOHN F. PEGRAM says he is 29 years old and BAKER & JOHN were his uncles.
Other PEGRAMs who testified but did not state a relationship are HENRY J. PEGRAM, ALLEN W. PEGRAM, ROBERT W. PEGRAM and ELIJAH S. PEGRAM.  

Note: In April 1858, we find that Rebecca has moved to McNairy Co., Tn. where she was appointed Guardian to Thomas E. Pegram and John F. Barham.  

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