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No man is an island!  

This is especially true when we look at the information available through this web site.  Without the tireless efforts and generosity of the descendants of George Pegram of Williamsburg, Virginia, we could not have this history.    The following people have made major contributions to our history and continue to provide information almost daily so that all the visitors of this site can discover their heritage.  Many others, too numerous to list, have contributed the data of their own family, photos and documents related to the Pegram family.  We started this web page with only 900 Pegram descendants and had 2 visitors a day (when we were lucky).  Thanks to  our "cousins" we now have 33,000+ linked descendants of George Pegram online and average 400 - 500 visitors a day.  The database of Pegram descendants found here is a record we can all be proud of! 

Winona is a descendant of Edward Pegram, son of Daniel Pegram of Warren Co., NC. However, she is probably the foremost authority on the descendants of Edward Pegram of Dinwiddie Co., Virginia. She continues to search for all descendants of our common ancestor, George Pegram,  and finds  new sources regularly. Without her constant help and encouragement, this web site would not exist!  

Beth Bond is a great genealogist and we are fortunate that many of her family lines also link to early Virginia Pegram family members.  We have posted much of her research on the descendants of James B. Vaughan and wife Delia Susan Archer.  She has also contributed much to the Boisseau family research.  If you have links to any of the families researched by Beth, I am sure she would love to hear from you.  We will post the URLs to her various websites shortly.

Jordan Kearney has extensive information on some of the Pegram and Nicholson related lines in Warren Co., North Carolina. He  has shared his research, photos, documents and best of all, his knowledge.  He has more on my own Warren Co., North Carolina line than I do after all my years of research.  Like Sherry Bell Garrison,  he grew up in the Warren Co., North Carolina area and still lives there.  

Sherry Bell Garrison's   family still lives in eastern North Carolina.  She is descended through the Pegram, Bell and Harris lines.  She not only has first hand information about the many families still in the area but has done extensive research from local records. 

Larry and Roy  Jones are brothers who have joined forces to research the ancestors and descendants of Dr. Robert Batte Jones of Dinwiddie Co., Virginia who later migrated to Polk Co., Texas. They have been kind enough to contribute additional information to include in our database.  If you have links to this line, they would be happy to hear from you.  

Matt has provided us with an extensive database on Thomas Harris of early Va. and his descendants.   This file includes many early Warren Co., NC families who are closely related to our Pegram family. 

Delores is descended from Edward Pegram, son of Daniel Pegram of Warren Co., NC and related lines.  She helped correct my mistakes on this line and has contributed all the cemetery records from Forsyth County, NC. 

Jane has given us ALL the information online about the Harton family which is her major line.  In addition to the Harton information, she has taken the time to abstract records when needed to provide proof of many of the connections in Warren Co., North Carolina. 

Dorothy has added considerably to our knowledge of the family members that went to West Virginia after the Civil War. If you have a West Virginia connection, I am sure she would love to have it.  

Shirley is a descendant of Zachariah Pegram and Cynthia Lancaster.  She solved a major question by sending us the probate records of William Pegram who died in Warren Co. in 1877.   Until then, we had not been able to determine with certainty who William's descendants were.

Ben is a Milam descended from Daniel Pegram and Lucy Milam whose daughter Ellen Pegram married Steven Milam.   After years of searching for information on the descendants of this Milam line, we now have real progress!  

Forrest is a true genealogist.  He is not related to the Pegram family but has gathered information over the years for numerous early Virginia families which include many of the early Warren Co., NC families.  He  has been kind enough to share his information for the benefit of all our Warren Co., NC related lines.  Check out Forrest's new site   It is truly a great database.

Dorothy Pegram Roland does not have an e-mail link but she spent many years researching the Pegrams of Tennessee and is the author of Some Middle Tennessee Pegrams and Their Ancestors.  She kindly gave us permission to use the results of her many years research for the benefit of all descendants of those Pegram related pioneers who settled in present Cheatham Co., TN shortly after 1800. We are posting data from her book as time allows. Anyone searching for Pegram links in Tennessee should visit the Cheatham Co., TN  TNGenWeb site.   Descendants of both Edward and Daniel settled in present Cheatham Co, TN. shortly after 1800.

Our goal from the beginning has been to document each and every descendant of George Pegram from circa 1680 to 1920.  If you have even ONE Pegram descendant in your own line, we do hope you will join in and share your data for the benefit of all Pegram researchers.