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Rockingham Co., North Carolina 1816-1899

1816 Pegram, Gideon Warren, John Q221 300 A Upper Hogan's Crk.
1822 Pegram, John McDearman, Seth W172 100 A Hogan's Creek
1825 Pegram, Daniel Brown, Frederick Z289 55 A on Hogan's Creek
1830 Pegram, Gideon Pegram, Daniel 2nD153 55 A on Hogan's Creek
1837 Pegram, Gideon Moore, Drury F. 2dH112 420 A on Hogan's Creek
1869 Pegram, Alexander Garrett, Saml. A. 2dY397 103 A on Troublesome Crk.
1869 Pegram, Joseph etal Young, George 2dY476 60 A (sic) Blues Crk.
1874 Pegram, Elisha M Linville, W. F. 3dD460 51 A Reed's Crk.
1876 Pegram, Wm., etal Pergerson, M.C. 3dF345 54 1/2 A. Troublesome Crk.
1878 Pegram, Elisha etal York, H. H. 3dH268 1 A Belew's Crk.
1878 Pegram, Julia Truitt, Nancy etal 3dH355 10 A Troublesome Crk.
1880 Pegram, J.H. * Pegram, Jesse E. 3dN377 Ppty. of George Young, Dec'd.
1882 Pegram, William C. Foy, Wm. F. 3dS519 109 A Adj. Neal's Corner
1885 Pegram, Martha J. Pegram, Gideon 4A411 100 A Hogan's Creek
1886 Pegram, W. A. Pegram, Julia F. 4B175 7 A Hogan's Creek
1886 Pegram, W. A. Kallam, John, etal 4B178 99 A Hogan's Creek
1886 Pegram, W. A. Mustin, Hugh, etal 4B183 1/7 int. of D A Pegram Estate
1886 Pegram, S. J. Webster, Franklin P 4B761 1/2 A lot N side Decatur St.
1886 Pegram, S. J. Webster, FP, etal 4B763 1 1/2 A adj. Nancy Webster
1892 Pegram, W. H. B. Rumbley, E. F. 88/549 33 1/3 A adj. C.D. Angel etal
1893 Pegram, Julia etal Truitt (Division) 94/275 224 A adj Mrs. Taylor
1894 Pegram, W. A. Sneed, EN & NA 95/305 42 A adj J. W. Moore
1894 Pegram, J. N. Pegram, C. J. 97/37 51 A Huntsville TS
1896 Pegram & Penn,Inc. Pegram, Saml etal 105/4 Personal property
1899 Pegram & Penn,Inc. McGehee Bros. 122/78 1 sh stock Mad. Tob. Factory
1899 Pegram & Penn,Inc. Galloway, John M 125/10 Lease tobacco hse. Reidsville
*This was a Power of Attorney
Rockingham County, N.C. Deed Book Q, Page 221
Pegram, Gideon from Warren, John
Deed for three hundred acres of land


This Indenture, made this fourth day of September in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand eight hundred and nine, Between John Warren of the County of ____ and State of Ohio of the one part and Gideon Pegram of the County of Guilford and State of North Carolina of the other part: Witnesseth,

That the said John Warren for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars current of the United States of America to him the said John Warren in hand paid, at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents by the said Gideon Pegram , the receipt whereof he the said John Warren doth hereby acknowledge and thereby exonerate and acquit the said Gideon Pegram his heirs and assigns - He the said John Warren by these presents hath given, granted, bargained, sold , aliened, enfeoffed, confirmed and set over unto the said Gideon Pegram, his Heirs, Executors and admr. or assigns. A certain tract or parcel of land situate, lying & being in the County of Rockingham and State of North Carolina, and in the west fork of upper Hogans Creek, Bounded as follows,

Beginning at Ezekiel Bowen's corner black oak saplin, on the North side of a ridge, running thense South one hundred and fifty poles to a _____, thence West three hundred and twenty poles to a _____, thence North one hundred and fifty poles to a black oak in a flatt, thence East crossing said creek and a branch three hundred and twenty poles to the first station. Containing three hundred acres of land be the same more or less. Together with all the improvements reversions, remainders, rents, and profits, also all the estate, right, title, interest, property claim and demand, whatsoever, of, in, and to the said tract of land and premises, and every part thereof with the appurtenances thereunto belonging ,
To have and to hold to the said Gideon Pegram his Heirs and assigns forever, to his and their only proper use, benefit and behoof, forever. And the said John Warren doth furthermore for himself, his Heirs, Executors and assigns, by these presents, Warrant and forever defend unto the said Gideon Pegram, his heirs and assigns, the above Bargained Premises forever, against the claim or claims of him the said John Warren, his heirs or assigns, whatever claiming by from or under him the said John Warren, his heirs or assigns, or any of them. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and year above written.

Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of us

John Pegram John X Warren

Cornelius Cook

James Clark

State of North Carolina
August session 1816
County of Rockingham

The Execution of the within deed from John Warren to Gideon Pegram was duly proved in open Courth by the Oath of John Pegram, and on motion ordered to be recorded.

R O Galloway C.C

NOTE: I typed this in full simply because it is land acquired by Gideon Pegram who is the ancestor of so many of the Pegram family still residing in Rockingham County, N.C. The John Pegram who is shown as a witness on this Deed is John Pegram, son of George Pegram, Sr. Who died in Warren County, N.C. in 1825 and is named in his Will. John came with his uncles Daniel Pegram (3) and Edward Pegram to the Guilford, Rockingham area about 1795. We have no written proof that Gideon was the son of Daniel (3) but there can really be no doubt. We have another Deed executed by either Daniel (3) or his son (Daniel (4) before they left Guilford County, N.C. in about 1825 (see index above). By elimination, Gideon was too old to be a son of John Pegram (his cousin) and he is not named in the estate papers of Edward Pegram (his uncle) in Guilford County, N.C. This leaves ONLY Daniel Pegram (3) as a possible choice for his father. Unfortunately, since Daniel Pegram (3) his father apparently died shortly thereafter and we have   no written proof. One explanation for the fact that Daniel (3) apparently left no Will is that he had sold all his land in Warren Co., N.C. by 1808 and then sold his small Rockingham Co., N.C. tract to his son, Gideon Pegram. It is even possible that Daniel (3) never left Rockingham Co., N.C. He would have been quite old at this time and we know we find his widow, Agnes (Jones) Pegram living beside her son in 1830.


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