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A Letter Home
A letter from John Fletcher Pegram to his sister, Parthenia Thomason


February the 22nd / 64 Camp near Orange C.H. Va

Dear brother and sister I again seate myself to to let yew, now that I am alive and in Common health hoping when thease few lines comes to hand may find yew all well and doing well  as to news I have but little that would interest yew sow I will make my letter short for I am like yew sed in your last letter when I comence riting I become sow excited that I cannot right with any sence for I can think of ten thousand things at once one thing is certain we poor soldiers want peace and intend to have it if thare is any chance soldiers her is vary much disatisfide and speaks there sentiments vary boldly and indipendantly taking holding paper and hallow whoorough for holden and for peace in any way   they have tride to get us to reinlist but from what I now and can her they ant a third of them that haz or will reinlist and they say that they do not intend to do mutch more good and some sware publickly that they intend to go to the yenkies sow yew may guess how they talk her Howell rote to his brother that is in the same ridgment that Joseph Lasley is in and got an answer he ses that Jo. is in the hospital but did not say what hospital nor what was the matter with him I hope not dangerous he rote that many of them ware tuning away thare is many that can or would say with us that it is a glumy time and ar ancious to see better times I received a from Nancy that was rote the 10th of this instant and mailed the 11 I was glad to her from them and yew all to her that yew ware all well but it would do me mutch more good to see yew all once more but when that time will come I cannot tell I hope soon as old N. Carolina is trying to do something for peace I hope she may be sucksessful in doing some good I am taking holding paper I see they are holding meetings in diferat parts of the state soldiers her like the move and are ancious that she may suckseed in her undertaking two thirds of the soldiers her are holden men I will say now more on that question for I have rote time and again to yew all and got but few letters yew are allways in my thare is time that I cannot tell my feelings towards yew all it grives my heart to think of my condition and my famaly at home a million would I give to sop this war and live on bread and to stay at home with my famaly and friends I will say that we get about half enough to eate her I hope we may allways get that we aught to be thankful of that all I can say let the consiqunce be what it may her if we are prepard for death all will be right let us be prepard for heaven is all I desire I hardly (?) I will say that I sent some things to Nancy forty five dollars to Nancy one shirt one pare of drawers one paper of needles I allso sent yew one paper of needles I sent Nancy a paper of needles some time ago I do not now whether she ever got them or not she did not say I I want to now whether she got thease things or not I allso sent a pare of socks and some invelops and ten cents in silver which was in the invelops that war in the socks I will close by saying read this and read it to Nancy and when yew rite let me now whether yew got thease things or not sow rite soon fail not for I am ancious to her from yew at any time it makes me feel bad to go to the office when I am looking for a letter and get none tell Nancy I will rite to her soon now I close this time

your poor unwealding brother until death J.F.P.
to Brother F. Thomason and Sister

Note:  The Nancy mentioned refers to Nancy Ellis Jones, his wife.


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