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Colonel Charles Ratcliffe Murray
1907 - 1980

Colonel Murray  was a 1932 graduate of West Point Military Academy.  At the time of the picture,  he was the commander of the 217th Field Artillery Battalion attached to the 44th Division, 7th Army. During the campaign, he was awarded several medals for bravery including the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in action.  The 44th Division was involved in many terrible battles and notable events in 1944-45, WWII Europe,  including the liberation of several prison camps (including Dachau), the recovery of many works of art which had been stolen and hidden by the Nazi's. Werner Von Braun, the father of the V2 Rocket who was later  instrumental in developing the US's rocket/missile program, surrendered to the 44th division. Colonel Murray was a descendant of Allan Gilmour and wife Virginia Pegram


We are indebted to Frank Murray, son of Colonel Murray for this great addition



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