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9 January 1819 WM. PEGRAM to JOHN PEGRAM for $166.66 & 2/3 - two tracts on waters of Balews Creek..being part of land formerly owned by EDWARD PEGRAM decd. Who devised that said land would be publicly sold at yongest child being of age...etc. WILLIAM PEGRAM purchased said land 11 Nov. 1816 - Tract 1) 43 & 3/4 acres..begin at a black oak in JOHN MEDEARES a stump & stake in a field near to a stable (formerly EDMOND JEANS) now DEMSY McKINNEYs).. thence N on SOLOMON WARREN's line (formerly McKILLESS)..; Tract 2) 58 acres..begin at a white oak on head of a black oak in JOHN MEDEARES large Hickory at corner of WM. PEGRAM's field...Wit: GEORGE PEGRAM, TRAVIS JONES Proved Feb. 1819. (DB 13:257)

17 May 1819 - WILLIAM WOODSIDE of Iredell Co., NC., Exr. Of last wiil of JOHN WOODSIDE, late of Guilford Co., NC., in behalf of himself and of SAMUEL WOODSIDE, JOHN WOODSIDE and JAMES WOODSIDE - sons of said JOHN WOODSIDE decd. And also & in behalf of the Executors.. widow and heirs of ROBERT WOODSIDE decd. Son of said JOHN decd., to JOHN PEGRAM for $1,000 - 400 acres..begin at a black oak near the Salisbury road..crossing Raccoon Branch 7 times...(granted by the State of NC. To JOHN WOODSIDE aforesaid decd. On 1 Mar 1780 & by last will of sd. JOHN WOODSIDE decd. Devised to his sons: WILLIAM, SAMUEL, JAMES, JOHN & ROBERT... Wit: TRAVIS JONES - JESSE PEGRAM (jurat) Proved May 1824. (DB 16:58)

20 Mar 1819 - HENRY HARRISON to JOHN PEGRAM JR. for $ 105- 80 acres on waters of Belews Creek..begin at a black jack fell JOHN PEGRAM SR.'s line formerly JOSEPH SHERRIN's line JOHN WOODSIDE's line...on sd. WOODSIDE's line & a line of NATHAN DILLONs...Wit: HENRY TATUM. Proved May 1819. (DB 14:69)

1 Jun 1821 - JOHN PEGRAM SR. to AARON SHIRIN for $ 100 - 49 & 3/4 acres on waters of Haw R... begin at a popular on said SHIRIN's a white oak on said JOHN PEGRAM's line...part on NANCY CLARK's line and part on said SHERRIN's line...Wit: JOHN PEGRAM, Juner (jurat), WILLIAM PEGRAM. Proved Nov, 1824. (DB 17:33)

26 Feb. 1822 - WILLIAM PEGRAM to PHILLIP JEAN for $ 118.12 & 1/2 - 33 & 3/4 acres on waters of Belue's Creek (part of land belonging to heris of EDWARD PEGRAM decd.)..begin at a black oak saplin ... Wit: TRAVIS JONES, DEMSY McKINNEY. Proved May 1822. (DB 15:500)

Jul 1822 - Whereas a marriage is agreed upon and intended thereby to be had & solemnized between TRAVIS JONES and PATTY PEGRAM, both in possession of certain estate and property of different kinds... the said PATTY PEGRAM holding her said property from the Division of (the estate) of EDWARD PEGRAM decd...her former husband ..together with whatever may have (been) acquired since & whereas the said TRAVIS JONES & PATTY PEGRAM are both desirous that after the(ir) decease the said property may descend to their Heirs...(NOTE: This goes of for two pages but is difficult to read on the microfilm as it is a negative where one is reading white writing on a black background and the white writing is not all that clear.) Wit: JAMES RAGSDELL, JOHN PEGRAM, WYATT PEEPLES, PHILLIP JEAN, JAMES McNAIRY. Proved Aug. 1822. (DB 15:583)

1 Oct. 18 (It looks like 04 but may be 24) - JOHN PEGRAM to JAMES SHARIN for $30 - 14 acres + on the ridge between waters of Haw River and Troublesome...begin at small white oak AARON SHARIN's corner...N to CUTHBERT KING's corner chesnut... Wit: AARON SHERRIN (jurat), JESSE PEGRAM. Proved May 1825. (DB 17:148)

17 Aug. 1830 - AMY ANTHONY and HENRY CLARK to JESSE PEGRAM for $ 32.50 - 50 acres & 100 poles on waters of Belews Creek...begin at a black jack JAMES NELSON's corner...S to a dead oak C.F. BAGG (les?) corner... Wit: SOLOMON T. FULLER (jurat), WYATT PEEPLES. Proved Nov. 1830. (DB 18:715).

28 Oct. 1830 - KINCHEN SATTERFIELD to GEORGE PEGRAM SR. for $ 150 - 98 & 3/4 acres on waters of Belwes Creek...begin at a black oak near Bethel Meeting House...W. to DEMSEY McKINNEY's corner E along line of TRAVIS black oak GEORGE PEGRAM's corner....S to GEORGE PEGRAM's or HENRY KNOTT's line...Wit: SOLOMON WARREN, DEMSEY McKENNEY. Proved Feb. 1836. (DB 22:366).

13 Nov. 1830 - JOHN FRAZER of Stokes Co., N.C. to JESSE PEGRAM for $100 - 110 acres on waters of Haw R....begin at a white oak in N bank of Haw hickory & post oak in NELSON's corner and HENRY HARRISON's old turkey oak on bank of river... Wit: ALLEN LANE (jurat), CALVIN MATTHEWS. Proved Nov. 1830. (DB 18:734).

19 Dec. 1830 - WYATT PEEBLES to JESSE PEGRAM for $40 - 33 acres on waters of Haw River..begin at a post Oak...W to dogwood HENRY KNOTT's line...Wit: H.C. FULLER, (SETH?) N. PEEBLES. Proved Aug. 1836. (DB 23: 194).

19 Jul. 1831 - JESSE PEGRAM to JOHN MOORE, (WILLIAM?) BLAIR, ARCHIBALD BOWMAN, CALEB JONES & HENRY CLARK - Trustees for $ 3.75 - 2 acres and 28 poles of land on waters of Haw River...begin at a rock on side of road...for purpose of building a house of workship for the use of the associated Methodists.... Wit: GEORGE PEGRAM, TRAVIS JONES SR. Proved Feb. 1836. (DB 23:27).

1 May 1832 - JESSE PEGRAM to JAMES T. FULLER for $ 500 - 254 acres on waters of Haw River and Belew's Creek...begin at a black oask...N to post oak on JAMES NELSON'S line....W to NELSON's corner...N to black jack JAMES NELSON's corner....W to a rock HENRY CLARK's corner....S to a dogwood HENRY KNOTT's line... Wit: AARON SHERRIN, NATHAN BARHAM, HENRY C. FULLER, SOLOMON A. FULLER. Proved May 1836. (DB 22-410).

1 May 1832 - JAMES T. FULLER to JESSE PEGRAM for $ 300 - 100 acres on waters of Haw River...begin at a rock... Wit: AARON SHERIN, NATHAN BARHAM, SOLOMON T. FULLER, HENRY C. FULLER. Proved Aug, 1836. (DB 23: 178).

1 Jun 1832- JOHN PEGRAM to JESSE PEGRAM for $ 225 - 150 acres on waters of Haw River...begin on E side at edge of a slash on HENRY KNOTT's line ...E to JAMES NELSON's line... Wit: AARON SHERRIN (jurat), NATHAN BARHAM. Provedf Nov. 1833. (DB 21-108).

4 Nov. 1832 - JOHN PEGRAM SR. to JOHN PEGRAM JR., WILLIAM PEGRAM, DANIEL PEGRAM, CHARLES R. SMITH, WILLIAM B. GENTRY, ENOCH MOORE, PHILLIP JEAN, JAMES T. WRIGHT & A.D. PEEPLES- Trustees in trust for the uses and purposes herein after mentioned of the County of Guilford, Stokes and Rockingham, N.C., for $ 1 - 2 acres and 20 rods of land on which Goshen Church now stands ...begin at a chesnut...E to a white oak, S. to post oak bush, W to a sassafras, N. To a chesnut -that they or cause to be erected...a house... or place of workship for the use of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the (USA)... Wit: JAMES PEEPLES, GEORGE PEGRAM, JOSHUA BETHEL (jurat). Proved Nov. 1832. (DB 19:719).

7 Jan. 1833 - Deed of Trust from JONATHAN MEREDITH to SAMUEL DWIGGINS and JESSE PEGRAM as securities: 70 acres of land mortgaged as security for a note for $ 53 payable to TRAVIS JONES SR. in 12 months from 7 Jan, 1833 for the hire of a negro man, woman & child, the property of said JONES . THOMAS SANDERS is party of 3d. Part. Wit: D.W. TAUTUM. Registered 18 Mar 1833. (DB 19:756).

14 Mar. 1833 - JOHN PEGRAM SR. to DANIEL PEGRAM for love, good will and affection he has from his son, DANIEL PEGRAM, and for the better maintenance of him and his family and for $ 1 - 143 acres on waters of Troublesome....begin at post oak (old corner)... to small white oak in Mrs. KING's line ... Wit: WYATT W. RAGSDELL (jurat), DEMSEY McKENNEY. Proved May 1838. (DB 24: 125).

1 Feb. 1834 - JOHN F. MEDEARIS of Wayne Co., IN., by virtue of a Power of Attorney from his brother, CHARLES D. MEDEARIS of Wayne Co., IN., dated 17 Sep. 1833, to JOHN PEGRAM of Guilford Co., N.C. for $ 85 - 98 & 1/2 acres on waters of Belews Creek - begin at a hickory grub in the Widow KNOTT's line...S with EMSLEY MEDEARIS's line...W with D. McKINNEY's black oak in JOHN PEGRAM's line .....N to large hickory in sd. PEGRAM's line and Widow KNOTT's corner... Wit: FRANCIS JONES, GEORGE PEGRAM. Proved May 1835. (DB 22:87).

30 Jun 1834 - HENRY KNOTT to GEORGE PEGRAM for $1 and the love and affection said KNOTT has for his daughter, BETSY PEGRAM, wife of said GEORGE PEGRAM - 60 acres on waters of Belew's Creek .. begin at the Great Road on old line near the Meeting House .. N along old line to black oak on TRAVIS JONE'S line .. E along said JONES line to white oak corner said JONES SE corner.. S to Great Road ... Wit: CALEB JONES, ALFRED KNOTT Prove Aug. 1834. (DB21:378)

31 Jan 1835 JAMES SHERRIN to DANIEL PEGRAM for $75 .. 65 acres on water of Haw R. .... begin at a red oak AARON SHERRIN's line .. N to JOHN PEGRAM's line .. with PEGRAM's line to chestnut it being NANCE CLARK's line... S with her line to a sassafras on NANCE CLARK's line .. Wit: H  WINFREY, JOHN PEGRAM Proved Feb 1836 (DB23:11)

24 Oct 1835 - JOHN POTTER; JOSEPH KING & wife, LUCEY KING; ALFRED D. LOWE, JESSE HOBBS (by his agent LEWIS HOBBS); JOHN HARISON (by his agent CHAS. BENBOW) and HENRY HARRISON (by his agent NATHAN KING); GOERGE PEGRAM; TABITHA HARRISON and POLLY HARRISON - heirs of HENRY HARRISON, decd. To NANCY HARRISON, widow of said HENRY HARRISON decd. ..... quit claim to all property said HENRY HARRISON decd. Bequeathed by his last will and testament to his said wife, NANCY HARRISON... Wit: SOLOMON T. FULLER, GILLAM NEWSOM. Proved Aug 1836. (DB 23:179)


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