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Deed Abstracts
Warren Co., North Carolina


These abstracts were made from microfilm at N.C. State Archives in Raleigh, N.C.

20 Sep 1779 - State of  N.C. Grant #6 to DANIEL PEGRAM at a rate of 50 shillings for every 100acres - 233 acres on Litte Hub Quarter...begin at BELL ’s corner a white oak on the W side of sai run... by RICHARD CASWELL , Governor, at Kingston [now Kinston]. Reg. 3 May 1780. (DB7:247)

20 Feb 1794 - DANIEL PEGRAM to JOHN PEGRAM for 5 pounds Virginia money - 116 1/2 acres on waters of Little Creek...begin at a red oak...thence S of GEORGE PEGRAM ’s line... Wit GEORGE PEGRAM , DANIEL PEGRAM . Proved May Ct. 1796. Reg. Nov 1796. (DB14:78)

8 May 1804 - DANIEL PEGRAM & HENRY JONES to WM. RIGGAN (son of JOHN ) for 100 pounds Virginia money - 1 negro man slave named PHILL ... Wit: GEO. NICHOLSON (jurat), JAMES PAINE JR . Proved May Ct. 1804. Reg. 8 Apr. 1805. (DB17:132)

19 Dec 1805 DANIEL PEGRAM to GEORGE NICHOLSON for $260 - all that tract of 140 acres whereon said DANIEL PEGRAM now lives .. on both sides of Hub Quarter Creek bounded at a maple JOHN MILLER ’s corner on bank of creek... to red oak. a corner in JOHN MILLER ’s line.. Wit: WILLIAM MAYFIELD , JAMES PAINE . Proved 26 Nov 1807. Reg. 9 Dec 1807. (DB18:104)

25 Mar 1807 - JOHN PEGRAM of Guilford Co., NC, appoints his father, GEORGE PEGRAM of Warren Co., N. C. attorney, to recover al legacies due said JOHN as lawful heir ot the Estate of JESSE BELL decd. Wit: B. NICHOLSON , DANIEL RIGGAN . Proved May 1807.

Comment: Until I found this I did not think we could find recorded verification of the wife of JOHN PEGRAM, i.e. PARTHENIA BELL. About 20 years ago I heard from a member of John’s family in West Virginia who said she had a Bible showing PARTHENIA to be a BELL but I have not been able to obtain a copy.  We now have a copy of the Will of Jesse Bell which identifies Parthenia as his daughter.

l Feb 1808 DANIEL PEGRAM appoints GIDEON PEGRAM , attorney, to recover all sums of money from persons that my hereafter become indebted to said DANIEL PEGRAM and to take such actions at law or in equity as necessary for recovery of such debs... Wit: THOMAS RODWELL , ZACHARIAH PEGRAM , JOHN J. EGERTON . Proved 23 Aug 1808. Reg. 26 Nov 1808. (DB18:260)

24 Nov 1810 - ISHAM SHEARIN to GEORGE PEGRAM for $80 silver dollars - 40 acres lying between Little Hubquarter Creek and Whitstone branch.... begin at 2 poplars Little Hubquarter Creek... down Whitson Branch....joining aforesaid GEORGE PEGRAM ’s fork adjoining HENRY JONES ’ line... to WILLIAM PEGRAM ’s line.... Wit: GEORGE PEGRAM (jurat), HENRY SHEARIN . Proved Nov Ct 1810. Reg. 23 Dec 1810. (DB 19:6)

...Oct 1813 - GIDEON PEGRAM , attorney for JOHN P. HARTON/HORTON of Tennessee and DANIEL HARTON/HORTON of Tennessee, to BENJAMIN NICHOLSON for $500 - right and title to undivided tract of land that is the right of JOHN P. HARTON for whom the said GIDEON is attorney, and the right of DANIEL for himself - land that was left to them with other legatees by their father, JOHN HARTON/HORTON on the waters of Hubquarter Creek... begin at a red oak PEGRAM ’s NW corner.... S to WILLIAM PEGRAM’s NW corner... N along JONES ’s line to a maple RIGGAN ’s corner... to Hubquarter Creek... to MILLER ’s corner... Wit: W HAVEL O ? WILLIE BALTHROP . Proved Feb Ct 1817. (DB20:138)

17 Oct 1814 THOMAS HARTON to GIDEON PEGRAM for $250 - 1 undivided fourth part of the 2 following tracts: one tract owned by JOHN HARTON and the other adjacent thereto & owned by the wife of said JOHN HARTON - said land being 316 acres bounded by GIDEON PEGRAM , WILLIAM MILLER , WILLIAM RIGGAN & others. Wit: FRANCIS RIGGAN , BILLIE P. RIGGAN . Proved Feb Ct. 1830. Reg. 18 Mar 1830. (DB26:28)

23 Nov 1817 - WILLIAM P. RIGGAN SR . to GEORGE PEGRAM JR . for $628 - 157 acres... begin at a Turkey oak GEO. PEGRAM JR .’s line.... FRANCIS RIGGANS JR .’s line... to corner red oak on DANIEL RIGGAN ’s red oak corner on WILLIAM PEGRAM ’s line... Wit: WILLIAM PEGRAM (jurat), WILLIAM C. PEGRAM . Proved Nov 1817. Reg. 10 Jan 1818. (DB20:242)

5 Feb 1818 - GEORGE PEGRAM JR . and CLARY PEGRAM (his wife); ROBT. E. HARRIS & JINEY HARRIS (his wife) to ANTHONY DOWTEN JR . for $60 - 50 acres.. begin at a post oak in JOHN HARRIS ’ line... S along ANTHONY DOWTIN ’s line to corner oak in WILLIAM P. LITTLE ’s line... to sassafras corner in LAWRENCE LANCASTER ’s line... No witnesses. Rec. 23 Feb 1815. (DB20:257)

6 Dec 1819 - ZACHARIAH SHEARIN to GEORGE PEGRAM JR . for $150 - 94 acres... begin at a red oak on URBANE NICHOLSON ’s line... to post oak a corner tree on EATON ’s road... W along SHERWOOD SLEDGE ’s line... Wit: JAMES RIGGAN . Proved May Ct. 1820. Reg. 1 Aug 1820. (DB20:248)

13 May 1820 - DANIEL RIGGAN to GEORGE PEGRAM JR. for $77 - 19 1/4 acres... begin at a white oak at the new road... along BURWELL HARRIS’ line to 2 red oaks and a sassafras in old road... to red oak corner owned by DANIEL RIGGAN and GEORGE PEGRAM SR . .. FRANCIS RIGGAN ’s corner BURWELL HARRIS’ line... Wit: B. HARRIS (jurat) WILLIAM PEGRAM . Proved May Ct. 1820. Reg. 1 Aug 1820. (DB21:249)

25 May 1820 BURWELL HARRIS to GEORGE PEGRAM, JR . for $74.25 - 13 1/2 acres... begin at a post oak in FRANCIS RIGGAN JR .’s line to hickory in DANIEL RIGGAN’s line... to new road.. to FRANCIS RIGGAN SR .’s line... Wit: JOHN J. NICHOLSON (jurat), ZACHARIAH SHEARIN . Proved May Ct. 1820 Reg. 1 Aug 1820. (DB21:249)

2 May 1825 - JOHN RODWELL to GEORGE PEGRAM, JR . for $250 - 100 acres on waters of Little Creek bounded by lands of BENJAMIN NICHOLSON , ISAAC LITTLE & others. Wit: WM . BALTHROP , B. HARRIS . Proved Feb Ct 1826. Reg 13 Apr 1826. (DB24:243)

29 Nov 1825 - WM C. CLANTON , Sheriff of Warren Co., NC, by virtue of a writ issued by the Franklin Co., NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Session, Sep 1825, to sell the land of PATSY TAYLOR at the instance of HENRY SEAWELL - such land adjoining lands of GEORGE PEGRAM and containing 30 acres, put up for sale said land and it was purchased by the highest bidder, GEORGE PEGRAM on 28 Nov 1825 for $25.10. Wit: GUILFORD TALLY , JNO. RODWELL , Proved Nov 1825. Reg. 12 Jan 1826. (DB24:157)

4 Jun 1827 - GEORGE PEGRAM to SALLY PEGRAM , MARTHA PEGRAM & LUCRETIA PEGRAM for $351 - 140 acres on the waters of the Miry Branch and Little Hubquarter Creek... up Hubquarter to the road, then down the road that leads to Halifax.. N to white oak at head of sd. Miry Branch... thence bounded by MARTHA VAUGHN , WILLIAM PEGRAM & others.. Wit: WILLIAM PEGRAM , JOHN PEGRAM .. Proved Nov Ct 1827. Reg. Jan 1828. (DB25:235)

19 Feb 1830 - JOSEPH H. RIGGAN to THOMAS W. PEGRAM & JAMES HARRIS for $6 - 2 acres land on S side Halifax Rd. leading from Chestnut Crossraods to Halifax Town near FRANCES ’ old store place bounded by lands of JOSEPH H. RIGGAN on E, S & W and N by JOHN J. NICHOLSON or Railroad... Wit: A. DOWTIN , J.H. BROWN . Proved Feb Ct 1829. Reg. 15 Mar 1829.

9 Apr 1832 - GEORGE PEGRAM to ISAAC LITTLE for $3 - 1 acre on waters of Ivory Branch bounded by lands of THOS. E. SPENCER & others... Proved Feb Ct 1833. Reg. May 1833. Wit: B . HARRIS . (DB26:316)

16 Jun 1832 - WILLIAM PEGRAM to THOMAS W. PEGRAM for $65 - 29 1/2 acres bounded by lands of MARTHA PEGRAM , WILLIAM PEGRAM & others. begin at head of Miry Branch... then E to a stub in the old field adjoining said WM. PEGRAM’s line.. Wit: A. DOWTIN , Z. SHEARIN Proved Feb Ct 1833. Reg. 6 Jun 1833. (DB26:332)

10 Jan 1834 - JOS. H. RIGGAN to THOMAS W. PEGRAM for $25 - 7 acres of W side of Hub Quarter Creek - bound by lands of THOS. W. PEGRAM , MARTHA PEGRAM & sisters, JOS. H. RIGGAN & ?? ... begin at a bunch of Dogwoods near mouth of a branch dividing line between THOS. W. PEGRAM , MARTHA PEGRAM & sisters. Wit: THOS. W. ROOKER , BAKER PEGRAM Proved May Ct. 1834. Reg 20 Jun 1834 (DB26:442)

18 Apr 1835 - JOSEPH H. RIGGAN to SALLY PEGRAM , MARTHA PEGRAM and LUCRETIA PEGRAM for $20 - all his right & title to 7 acres bounded by lands of THOS. W. PEGRAM, JOSEPH H . RIGGAN and SALLY PEGRAM .. begin at red oak on the Halifax Road... E to MARTHA PEGRAM ’s line... N down Hubquarter Creek to THOS. W. PEGRAM’s line... W to THOS. W . PEGRAM ’s corner, a bunch of dogwoods... Wit: THOS. W. PEGRAM , JOHN L. PEGRAM . Proved Feb Ct. 1836. Reg. 22 Mar 1836. (DB27:30)

4 Mar 1836 - THOS. W. PEGRAM to JAMES G. ROBERTSON for $130 - right & title to 51 acre tract bounded by WILLIAM CARTER , JAMES J. PEGRAM & BENJAMIN NICHOLSON ... begin at a corner dogwood... SE to a corner willow on Little Creek... NE to maple on Whitstone Branch. Wit: THOS. W. ROOKER (jurat), BAKER PEGRAM . Proved Feb Ct. 1840. Reg. 21 Apr 1840. (DB28:7)

4 Jan 1838 - MARTHA , LUCRETIA & SARAH PEGRAM to the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad for % - that land needed by the Railroad to construct a rail line through their property. Proved 16 Apr 1838. Reg. 4 May 1838. (DB27:348)

20 Jan 1838 - GEORGE H. PEGRAM to LITTLETON & RIGGAN for $140 - land which said GEORGE H. PEGRAM inherited in the division of lands of "my deceased father GEORGE PEGRAM" late of Warren County, as reported to the Feb Court 1836 by commissioners appointed for the purpose of making said division - and which was assigned as Lot #5 - 28 acres... begin at a large red oak FRANCIS RIGGA N’s corner at mouth of a line... N to white oak on S side of Halifax Road, then along the road to an old log near a large red oak... S to a corner stone Mrs. CLARISSA PEGRAM’s dower corner, then S. to post oak in FRANCIS RIGGAN ’s line... Wit: EDWIN D. DRAKE (jurat), JOSEPH H. RIGGAN . Proved Feb Ct 1838. Reg. 24 Mar 1838. (DB27:315)

6 Feb 1838 - HENRY SHEARIN to THOS. W. PEGAM for $1200 - negro woman slave named EMILY ; boy WILLIAM ; girl AGGY and girl, FRANCIS . Wit: JOEL SHEARIN . Proved Nov 1840. Reg. 4 Dec 1840. (DB28:86)

15 Aug. 1839 - GEORGE H. PEGRAM to WM. H. SHEARIN for $1 - personal property (carpenter’s tools). Wit: F.J. JUDKINS . Proved 19 Aug 1839. Reg.. 20 Aug 1839. (DB27:473)

4 Jan 1840 - Deed of Trust GEORGE H. PEGRAM is indebted to THOS. W. PEGRAM in the amount of $92.28 and is anxious to pay off said debt. He therefore borrows money from JAMES T. HARRIS using as collateral said GEORGE ’s interest in his mother’s estate and interest in her land on condition that the sum be repaid by 10 Jul next. Wit: JEREMIAH H. BROWN . Proved 6 Jan 1840. Reg. 6 Jan 1840. DB27:524.

12 Apr 1841 - WILLIAM T. VAUGHAN of Petersburg, Virginia; JOHN J. VAUGHAN of Wake Co., NC and JAMES M. VAUGHAN of Warren Co., NC - all tenants in common of a piece of land left to them by their grandfather, GIDEON PEGRAM - to THOMAS W. PEGRAM for $120 each ($360 total)... their interest in said land of 72 acres... begin at a small hickory in a bottom in BENJAMIN NICHOLSON ’s line, S to head of said GIDEON PEGRAM ’s Deep Spring Branch... to stake near Hubquarter Creek... Wit: THOMAS W. ROOKER , THOMAS N. RENN (jurat). Proved Aug 1841. Reg. 6 Sep 1841 (DB28:284)

12 May 1841 BENJAMIN NICHOLSON to THOS. W. PEGRAM for $15 - 3 acres... begin at stake near Hubquarter crrek... Wit: SAMUEL BOBBITT (jurat) Proved Aug Ct. 1841. Reg 7 Sep 1841. (DB28:291)

10 Mar 1842 - DRURY W. HARRIS to THOMAS W. PEGRAM as trustee for debt owed HARRIS & BOBBIT & CO . - personal property. Wit: J BROWN (jurat). Proved 15 Mar 1842. Reg. 15 Mar 1842. (DB28:361)

12 Dec 1843 - JAMES T. BROWN to THOS W. PEGRAM for $250 - all right to half of said BROWN ’s mill on Little Fishing Creek and all appurtenances and the canal, supposed to be 10 ‘ wide and 1000 yards long.. Wit: WILL. SHEARIN , J.W. RIGGAN . Proved Aug Ct. 1845. Reg. 18 Nov 1845. (DB29:125)

2 Mar 1844 - JOHN KIRKLAND to THOS. W. PEGRAM for $1 in trust for debt owed PLUMMER ALSTON & C0 . - personal property. Wit: T. J. JUDKINS . Proved 2 Mar 1844. Reg. 2 Mar 1844. (DB28:693)

27 Aug 1849 HENRY & wife, MARY E. PEGRAM of Nash Co., NC to JOHN B. HARRIS for $35 - all right & title to tract of land which JACOB HARRIS , father of said MARY E. PEGRAM , died seized lying on the waters of Little Fishing Creek in Warren Co., NC - adjoining lands of ANTHONY DOWTIN , ROBIN E. HARRIS & others - Wit: JNO. W. RIGGAN , JNO. M. WILSON . Reg 13 Sep 1849. (DB30:127)

29 Aug 1854 - WILLIAM & RICHARD SHEARIN to MARY PEGRAM for $10 - 50 acre tract adjoining lands of WILLIAM PEGRAM & others - being land whereon ALLEN PEGRAM and HARRIS PEGRAM now live... Wit: E. W. BEST, WM. C. CLANTON (jurat). Proved May Ct. 1855. Reg. Aug 1855. (DB31:409).

3 Jan 1855 - BAKER M. PEGRAM of Maury Co., Tenn., appoints JOHN RIGGAN , attorney to sell said PEGRAM ’s tract of land in Warren Co., N.C. of 24 or 25 acres of unknown boundaries. Said attorney is also empowered to settle with THOMAS ROOKER and receive money coming to said PEGRAM from his brother, JAMES J. PEGRAM’s estate. Proved Nov Ct. 1856. Reg. 18 Feb `857 (DB31:633)

22 Aug 1855 JOHN W. RIGGAN (agent for BAKER M. PEGRAM ) to GEORGE W. PEGRAM & WILLIAM THOMAS PEGRAM for $62.42 - lot #3 drawn by said BAKER M. PEGRAM in the division of dower land of his mother, the late CLARISSA PEGRAM , containing 24 acres as shown in the Commissioners return to County Court of Nov 1848... begin at 3 blackjacks in lin of No. 5 drawn by PLUMMER STALLINGS in right of his wife...N to a sowerwood corner of lots No. 1, 2, 3 &4, S to a black gum in __ PEGRAMS ’s line.... NE to a large ____ on old county road. Wit: M.M. DRAKE . Proved Aug Ct 1856. Reg. 21 Nov 1856. (DB31:607)

31 Dec 1855 - GEORGE PEGRAM of Giles Co., Virginia (son of JOHN PEGRAM, SR , ...late of Guilford Co., N.C.) nephew and one of the heirs of LUCRETIA PEGRAM , PATTY PEGRAM and SALLY PEGRAM late of Warren Co., N.C., appoints DANIEL PEGRAM of Guilford Co., NC, attorney to sell said GEORGE ’s interest in the land left by said LUCRETIA, PATSY and SALLY PEGRAM , lying in said Warren Co., NC. Reg. 11 Apr 1856. (DB31:499)

18 Feb 1856 BAKER PEGRAM of Guilford Co., NC, appoints DANIEL PEGRAM of said Guilford Co., NC, attorney to recover from WILLIAM PEGRAM , administrator of MARTHA PEGRAM dec’d., SARAH PEGRAM decd.. and LUCRETIA PEGRAM , decd. of Warren Co., NC, all that is legally due from said estate. Wit: D.H. STANKBACK . Reg. 19 May 1856. (DB31:521)

22 Feb 1856 - JESSE PEGRAM of Guilford Co., NC (son of JOHN PEGRAM, SR . late of Guilford Co., NC) nephew and heir of LUCRETIA PEGRAM , PATTY PEGRAM ans SALLY PEGRAM late of Warren Co., NC, appoints DANIEL PEGRAM of Guilford Co., NC to sell said JESSE’S interest...Ordered to be recorded Feb Ct 1856 (DB31:519)

17 April 1856 CAROLINE M . PEGRAM of Surry Co., Virginia to GEORGE R. SLEDGE of Warren Co., N.C. for $1592.92 - 158 1/2 acre tract ... begin at stake on W side of road leading from Warrenton to the Warrenton Depot... N to stake in ABNER AYCOCK’s line... N to post aok in FLEMINGS ’s and LAMPKINS ’s corner... Wit: BLAIR PEGRAM (jurat).. Proved Aug Ct 1856. Reg. 29 Oct 1856. (DB31:587)

19 May 1856 - GEORGE H. PEGRAM to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $10 - all right to land belonging to the estates of SARAH & LUCRETIA PEGRAM . Wit: NATHL. NICHOLSON (jurat), JAMES RIGGAN . Proved May Ct. 1856. Reg. 11 Jun 1856. (DB31:543)

12 Sep 1856 - GEORGE W . & WILLIAM T. PEGRAM to SILAS M CATES for $1000 - tract known as Lot #3 drawn by BAKER M. PEGRAM in division of dower lands of CLARISSA PEGRAM and purchased from her by said GEO. W . & WM. T. PEGRAM - 24 acres... begin at 3 blakjacks in line of #5... N to a sowerwood corner of Lots No. 1, 2, 3 &4.. S to black gum in ____ PEGRAM ’s line... NE to a large _____ on old county road... Wit: JN. W. WHITE . Proved 12 Sep1856/ Reg 19 Nov 1856. (DB31:605)

25 Sep 1856 - WILLIAM PEGRAM to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $48 - all right to land left to said WILLIAM PEGRAM by his 2 sisters , LUCRETIA and SARAH PEGRAM , the no. of acres and bounds unknown... Wit: JOHN W. RIGGAN (jurat), LEWIS D. GOODLOE . Proved Nov Ct 1856. Reg 9 Feb 1857. (DB31:614)

4 Oct 1856 - ANN BOBBITT to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $8 - her right to 126 acre tract adjoining lands of WILLIAM PEGRAM, JOSEPH RIGGAN , MARTHA PEGRAM and others - tract known as the SARAH & LUCRETIA PEGRAM tract. Wit: WM. C. CLANTON , PETER E. ROBERTSON (jurat). Proved Nov Ct 1856. Reg. 10 Feb 1857. DB31:617)

21 Nov 1856 - WILLIAM P. STALLINGS & ELIZA , his wife, to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $8 - their right and title to 126 acre tract (description as in deed above). Wit: WM.H. CHEEK . Proved Nov Ct. 1856. Reg 10 Feb 1856. (DB31:620)

24 Feb 1857 - JOHN W. RIGGAN , Agt. for GEO. W. BELL , REBECCA BELL & CAROLINE BELL to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $23 - undividede right & title in 126 acre tract (description as above). Wit: THOS. A. MONTGOMERY , NATHANIEL NICHOLSON , (jurat). Proved Feb 1857. Reg. 2 Mar 1857. (DB31:641)

24 Feb 1857 - JOHN W. RIGGAN as Agt. for JAMES MOORE & CYNTHIA MOORE (his wife) of Chatham Co., Tennessee to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $7.80 - right & title to 126 acre tract (description as above). Wit. THOS. A. MONTGOMERY , NATHL. NICHOLSON (jurat). Proved Feb 1857. Reg. 20 Mar 1857 (DB:31:653).

1 Mar 1858 - DANIEL PEGRAM , of Guilford Co., N. C. Ind. and as Agt for GEORGE PEGRAM , BAKER PEGRAM and JESSEE PEGRAM to JOHN L. PEGRAM for $36 - right & title to 126 acres tract (description as above). Wit: PETER E. ROBERTSON (jurat) JAMES G. ROBERTSON . (DB31:822)

20 May 1858 - JANE E . & MARTHA C. ROOKER to JOHN L. PEGRAM - right & title to 126 acre (description as above). Wit: PETER E. ROBERTSON (jurat), JAMES G. ROBERTSON . Proved May 1858. Reg. 28 May 1858. (DB31:823)

4 Feb. 1859 - LEVI C. PARKINSON & ZACHARIAH PARKINSON to WILLIAM I . & JAMES B. PEGRAM for $1100 - 129 1/2 acres. begin at 3 maples on Hub Quarter Creek, JOHN J . NICHOLSON ’s corner... along BELL ’s old path.... to WILLIAM DUNCAN ’s corner... to head of KENNEDY ’s Spring Branch.. Wit: NATHAN MILAM , GEORGE W. MYRICK . Proved Feb 1860. Reg . 13 Mar 1860. (DB31:1064)


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