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The Pegrams Of Virginia And Their Descendants


Samuel W. Simmons


Table of Contents

The book is not quite ready for prime time viewing since I still want to link from the name index to the actual pages for ease of navigation. I can also see typos that I did not catch the first time through.  However, I can always recognize my own mistakes better online than when they are still sitting on my computer to I am posting the as a New Year's present while I continue to work on it. 
  01 George Pegram1
  02 John2, William and George, sons of George1
  03 Daniel Pegram2
  04 Daniel3, Mary, Sarah and George Pegram
  05 The Pegrams of Davidson and Cheatham Counties, Tennessee
  06 The Pegrams of Dinwiddie and Some Associated Families
  07 Edward Pegram3
  08 William Pegram4 and Mary Pegram 4 Issue of Edward Pegram3
  09 Captain Edward Pegram4
  10 Major General John Pegram5
  11 General James West Pegram6 and Issue
  12 Capt. Robert Baker Pegram6 and Descendants
  13 Louisa Jane6, Martha Rebecca, William Benjamin, Lelia Adele and Franklin
    Issue of Major Gen. John Pegram5
  14 The Children of Edward Pegram4 and Ann Harper Parham
  15 Capt. John Pegram4 and Descendants
  16 Elizabeth4, Sallie W. and George Pegram Issue of Edward Pegram3
  17 Baker Pegram4 and Descendants
  18 Ann Pegram4
  19 Captain Daniel Pegram4
  20 Edward Pegram5
  21 Samuel Gilliam Pegram6 and Issue Lucy V.7, Amos J. and Joseph John Wesley
  22 Samuel William Pegram7
  23 Amos Luther8, Homer Eugene, Lillie Dora, and Walter Winchester Pegram Issue of Samuel William Pegram and Martha Jane Taylor
  24 Ida Ella Pegram8 and Descendants
  25 Martha T.6, Reuben W., William G., Ann Hardaway and Edward Pegram
    Issue of Edward Pegram and Dorothy Gilliam
  26 Mary5, Thomas, Lucy and Nancy Pegram
    Issue of Daniel Pegram and Nancy Hardaway
  27 Winchester Pegram5 and Daniel Theodore Pegram6 and Descendants
  28 Jacob Franklin6, Mary Harriet Cornelia, Edward Larkin, Violet Susan, William Winchester, Miles Pinkney and Elvira Evelina Pegram Issue of Winchester Pegram and Mary Stowe
  29 Martha5, Harriet, Julia, Emeline and Adeline Pegram Issue of Daniel Pegram4 and Nancy Hardaway